Other Esthetic Procedures and Operations

M.D. Oguzhan Oguz is also interested in facial plastic surgery, which is one of the sub-branches of otolaryngology, head, and neck surgery. Besides rhinoplasty, you can plan in our clinic operations such as eyelid esthetics, double chin-neck liposuction, chin tip esthetics, facial fat injections, ear esthetics.

Suppose you would like to have your esthetic surgeries performed not only in the facial area but also in other areas. In that case, we plan together with our solution partners, plastic surgeons, and perform the surgeries together.

Wellnose – Good nose philosophy

The nose is a whole with its appearance and functions. Is it a nose that looks esthetic but can not breathe well, or is it a nose that breathes well that affects the person’s self-confidence? We do not want both. In our philosophy, a nose that looks beautiful, esthetic, natural, and functions well with all its functions – breathing well, smelling well – and is fully compatible with the person’s face is good, i.e., a “wellnose.” The functional result after nose surgery is as important as the esthetic result.

Other Esthetic Procedures and Operations