[ Secondary Rhinoplasty ]

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a corrective procedure performed when rhinoplasty has already been performed, but the desired result was not achieved for various reasons. These are surgically more difficult operations than primary rhinoplasty. Because of previous surgery, the nose tissues are covered with hard healing tissue, which we call fibrosis. The quantity and quality of bone and cartilage in the nose may be insufficient when reshaping the nose. Again, deterioration of skin quality and thinning of the nasal skin due to previous surgery complicate the procedure. Good planning is essential for the success of revision surgeries, just as it is for the first surgery. Cartilage can be harvested from the auricle or rib in revision surgery and used in the nose if necessary. Specially prepared cadaver cartilage grafts can also be used in some cases. In our practice, we prefer cartilage grafts that come from the patient’s auricle or rib, as we consider them safer. The experience of the physician is of greater importance in revision surgery than in initial surgery.

How many nose surgeries may a person have?

There is no limit to this. A second operation is sometimes not advised in patients with severe tissue damage, although a third, fourth, or fifth operation can be easily planned in another patient. It is critical that the surgeon performing the operation in revision rhinoplasty has experience in revision.

Revision (Sekondary) Rhinoplasty